3 Series case

Hard work deserves to be rewarded

At the peak of his career, this young salesman decided to buy himself a white BMW 3 Series Coupe. As he is required to move around the city for working purposes, this customer was forced to park his car outside almost every time, due to the lack of indoor parking space in a city like Taipei. Because of this, his dream car soon turned into a nightmare: bird dropping is a daily thing, and when mixed up with Taiwan’s typical heavy rains, it messes up his BMW white car paint that it is almost unrecognizable. This salesman needs KubeBond’s help.

KubeBond is professional in every aspect

Thanks to his friend’s recommendation, this salesman turned to KubeBond for help. First of all, during the selection of the appropriate plan he shared with us how impressed he was with our installer sales skills; using DPK 2.0 to introduce our plans it’s always an unavailable sales strategy. After the demonstration, he didn’t think twice: he chose the 10+1 car paint coating plan, with a layer of GlassShield. For this special occasion, our professional applied coating over the weekend, and the salesman was able to get his car back the next Monday.

A result of the expectations

After returning to our shop for the routine checkup, he expressed how satisfied he is with the protection provided by KubeBond: yes the car still gets messed up by birds dropping daily, but thanks to KubeBond coatings easy clean effect, it is easy to bring the car back to the original luster with a simple wash. Before leaving our shop, we exhorted the salesman to coat his car internals, to provide his car with full protection. Once again, he praised our sales skills and agreed to coat the internals as soon as possible.