Keep the thrill of driving with style in peak conditions with KubeBond!

In the sports car world, a car’s attractiveness is emphasized by its dynamic performance and its appearance. It is clear that BMW is the best option for releasing dopamine while racing and showcasing one’s personality. But when the car looks terrible, it is impossible to show off. Usually, the attention is focused on the car paint, which if not protected, becomes dull over time. In addition, bird droppings adhere to the windows and glass surfaces, and rims are exposed to rock chips and high temperatures. Without proper complete protection, you won’t be able to preserve the BMW’s appearance and resale value. Embrace the speed and don’t let it hold you back: use KubeBond ceramic coatings to protect your BMW!

X-3、X-5、3 Series、5 Series、X-7 and many more models have already chosen KubeBond’s protective coatings.

3 Series case

Bird dropping is a daily thing, and when mixed up with Taiwan’s typical heavy rains, it messes up his BMW white car paint that it is almost unrecognizable. This salesman needs KubeBond’s help.