A-CLASS case

When all hope seems lost

When the owner of this A-Class showed up at our detailing shop, we thought that all he wanted was just to protect his brand-new Mercedes’s paint with KubeBond coating. Unexpectedly, the customer was more worried about the interiors of his A-Class, especially the white stitches on his leather seats. As a long-time lover of Mercedes leather interiors, he knew that the white stitching on the seats would start getting dirty just after one month. Moreover, a regular interior car wash wouldn’t be able to solve this problem.

We have all the tools to impress the customers

After hearing positive feedback about KubeBond, this customer turned to us to find the right protection for his interiors. After assessing the situation, our salesman used DPK 2.0 to introduce to the customer all the advantages that our coating can offer on leather interiors. The customer was astonished to find out the degree of protection that our coatings can reach, without changing the original texture of the material. Because of this, he eventually decided to also have his A-Class exteriors coated with KubeBond products.

Experts provide the most appropriate coating plan

Our salesman helped the customer to choose the right coating plan for his Mercedes: a standard 9H 2+1 for the car paint would be more than enough to grant the car the much-needed easy-to-clean effect. Moreover, the application of GlassShield increased the safety and cleanliness during rainy days, while RimShield kept rims and chromes always nice and shiny. Finally, we applied a thick layer of LeatherShield on the leather seats of the A-Class. The customer was very satisfied with the final result of the leather, which provided a strong water and dirt-repellent effect while maintaining the leather’s original touch.