Drive into the future: KubeBond helps Tesla shape the future of the automotive market!

Electric cars are quickly becoming the first choice for every new car owner, especially Tesla which is technologically ahead of its competitors. However, we still have to wait for a while before the industry comes up with indestructible cars that require no maintenance. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to protect your Tesla with our ceramic coatings! The strive for technological development, and the desire to think about the future, are concepts that both Tesla and KubeBond agree with. With the CST technology boosting our new products, your Tesla’s paint will be provided with the best anti-graffiti effect and newest wear resistance. Windshield safety is finally a reality thanks to the unique RBT technology which makes coating firmly bond to glass. Moreover, Tesla’s leather-free interiors will be provided with the best liquid repellency effect, even for stitching. Finally, all KubeBond products are certified EU REACH which makes them harmless for humans and the environment. Still, wondering what’s the best choice to protect your Tesla?

Model 3、Model S、Model Y、Model X and many more models have already chosen KubeBond’s protective coatings.

Model 3 case

Tim, a young investor from Taipei is such a big fan of Tesla, that bought himself a Model 3 for his birthday. Despite the popularity, Tesla’s car paint is usually very delicate.