Q7 Case

Time to say goodbye to family trips?

Outdoor trips are very common for families, especially during summertime. This customer and his family love to drive their Audi Q7 and spend the weekend at the beach. Due to the lack of covered parking space near the seaside, the car owner is forced to park his Audi in the sun all day long. Because of previous experiences, he knows that long exposure to UV will eventually lead to car paint peeling off and changing color. Is it time to say goodbye to weekends at the beach for this family?

Our coatings do not fear UV rays

For a weekend this car owner decided to skip the family trip for a visit to one of our KubeBond stores. After a quick tour of the store,  he realized that KubeBond is what he was looking for. After asking us how we ensure that our coatings prevent damage from UV, our salesman was bold enough to show him the tests and certifications of our company. The customer was very impressed to hear that thanks to our NuInterior, the interior can also be protected against UV. Finally, before deciding on the coating plan, we suggested a full disinfection treatment with our GermShield, perfect for a family car. With no hesitation, the car owner agreed, excited to be back on the beach the next weekend.

Your leisure time is safe with KubeBond

This customer now regularly maintains his Audi with KubeBond and requests a disinfection job from us every month. Lately, he’s been telling us that one year has passed since the first time he chose KubeBond’s protection. His kids have been growing since then, but his Q7  looks the same as when he bought it the first day. Once again, KubeBond made it possible for another family to live a happier, and more comfortable life.