Should we trust additional detailing services from car dealers?

Why should you avoid waxing services at the dealership?

Despite some rare exceptions, every young car owner will have to wait for a while before owning a new car. When turning eighteen, we can usually only afford to buy a used car. Despite that, we take good care of it; we wash it, vacuum the interior every week, and apply the wax once a month to keep the paint as shiny and hydrophobic as possible. However, after years of hard work, we manage to save up enough money to finally buy our first new car. It is hard to express the feeling of sitting for the first time in it… It is also hard to express the feeling of knowing that the dealership will provide a free first-detailing service as a part of the sales plan. However, for the sake of your new car, think twice before having it detailed at the dealership. Keep reading the article to find out why.

The truth behind the dealership detailing services

Despite all the good intentions of car dealers for trying to make your brand-new car as shiny as possible, here are some reasons why you should avoid waxing at the dealership.

Quality of the service
The car dealership’s main job is to sell cars, and additional washing and waxing services are provided to a large number of vehicles daily. Usually, this is done in a relatively short time and might influence the quality of the final work. If the wax is applied on a car that hasn’t been washed and wiped properly, it won’t adhere to the surface. Therefore, the durability of the wax will be soon compromised, and it will not last for longer than a month.

Type of wax applied
Waxes can be abrasive, and the tiny particles in car waxes or harsh chemicals can leave fine scratches on your car’s finish. Dark-colored vehicles show scratches more easily than lighter-colored ones. Moreover, the same abrasiveness can make clear-coated surfaces look hazy or cloudy when the finish is marred by fine scratches, giving the paint a duller look than before waxing. Therefore, considering the quality of detailing services at dealerships is not the best, you shouldn’t be surprised that the waxes used on cars are not the best too.

Wax is not a ceramic coating
As one of the leaders of the industry, KubeBond always stands by the side of car coating when it is compared to waxing. There is no question about which one of the products offers the best in terms of durability and protective effects; the wax is a temporary product, and even if applied correctly, it usually doesn’t last for more than a month. Ceramic coating is a protective layer that once applied on the surface will bond to it for a very long time. KubeBond goes the extra mile, and thanks to its RBT (Revolutionary Bonding Technology) it provides a permanent layer on the surface that will only be removable by polishing. Moreover, while wax only provides temporary shininess and hydrophobicity of the paint, ceramic coatings provide a multitude of protective effects such as thermal resistance, UV resistance, anti-staining, self-cleaning effect, etc.

Should wax be completely avoided?

In conclusion, we are not trying to demonize all waxes as ineffective products that only damage your car. In fact, same as waxes, a low-quality and poorly-applied ceramic coating might do more harm than good to your new car. For this reason, no matter which type of detailing service you decide to apply to your car, always choose professionals with certified credentials, and that use good quality products.
Choose KubeBond ceramic coatings to protect your car, you will be granted the longest-lasting durability on the car care market and a variety of protective effects. Visit one of our globally certified installers, or contact us directly to know more about it.