Microfiber cloths for coating

Can different microfiber cloths impact the effectiveness of coating?

The wrong choice of microfiber to spread the coating could influence its effect. It will remove too much of it, and make its layer too thin. How to avoid this from happening and keep your vehicle in the best shape? The devil is in the details… 

High-performance ceramic coating application is a difficult process. It is the combination of professional knowledge, skills, and the right tools.

Through various tests and experiments, KubeBond found the perfect set of application instruments, mainly sponges and different microfiber types. What is so special about microfiber cloth and why do we use them? 

Not every microfiber cloth works the same!

The microfiber absorbency depends on its density and weave type. This is very important because it allows controlling the thickness and smoothness of the coating. In the past, detailers used only one type of microfiber to remove all residual coating, but couldn’t perfectly control the thickness of it after wiping. Our new technology and application procedure aim to leave the coating as thick as possible to provide your vehicle with the best protection.

KubeBond microfibers: how do we divide them?

We define them by color to make it easy, but in fact, they are distinguished by density level, weave type, and thickness. Each one has a special purpose:

White suede microfiber
This one is the thinnest and the densest. In daily life, we usually use that type of cloth to clean glasses, phones, and computer screens. Kubebond uses this cloth to apply a thin layer of coating on the surface. It allows for achieving 0.3 microns of coating thickness.

Green microfiber
It is the most common microfiber terry towel in everyday life, mainly used for cleaning. In automotive coating this type is used for thick coating applications, allowing to achieve a thickness of up to 5 microns.

Blue microfiber
Absorbs about 60% of the coating and releases it, evenly spreading the surface. It helps to avoid lines and marks left by the sponge and removes the rainbow effect.

Orange microfiber
We use that type of microfiber to avoid leaving some spots with excess coating. Due to its pearl weave, orange microfiber absorbs about 80% of the residual coating but doesn’t release it, making the coated surface as smooth as silk and shiny as a diamond.

We highly recommend detailers use the right types of microfiber cloth. Combined with a clear procedure it will provide the best and the longest coating effect. Keep your vehicle in the best shape!