Wax after coating?

Do I need to wax my car after coating?

Waxing may damage the surface, so it is an unnecessary step after applying car coating. You just need to wipe your vehicle with a coating maintenance product for simple maintenance.

If waxing for the car paint is like a lotion for the skin, then the coating is like a stylish jacket. In order to understand and maximize the functions of waxing and coating, we need to learn the difference between them first. The simple structure of the car paint contains 3 layers: primer, color layer, and lacquer clear coat. The primer is used for better adhesion of the paint, the color layer shows the paint color, while the lacquer clear coat maximizes the luster and fixes the color. The lacquer layer is the thickest and the most essential part of the paint structure. It protects the color of the paint and makes it deeper and brighter. It provides an extra gloss to the surface and also can better block daily damage.

The more the better?

The process of car waxing is basically to flatten the rough surface of the car paint by polishing, removing the scratches, smoothing the lacquer layer, and then using wax to make the car paint look crystal clear and shiny. However, the excess wax damages the car paint and makes the lacquer clear coat thinner, which will eventually reduce the gloss or even make it disappear. 

The protective effects of car coating?

The function of the coating is to protect the lacquer layer. KubeBond was the first brand to achieve a 9H pencil hardness of the coated surface. This means that our coating increases the surface density,  providing a high water contact angle. It also means that water droplets can quickly slide off and take away the dirt from the surface, achieving an extraordinary self-cleaning effect. The ceramic layer of the ultra-transparent and ultra-thin coating protects the lacquer layer, enhances the hardness, prevents chemical damage, resists the aging of the car paint from UV, saves car washing time, and blocks the formation of swirl marks.

Maintenance after coating

Regular car washing is the best way of maintenance after car coating, but did you know that swirl marks usually appear during that process? They are mainly caused by tiny pieces of dirt and grit getting caught in your sponge, then being dragged across the car paint while washing.  The coating can increase the hardness of the car paint surface, prevent chemical damage and resist external friction. You can avoid damaging the car paint surface during a car wash and provide your vehicle with the best maintenance with Diamond Plus. Diamond Plus is KubeBond’s coating maintenance solution. It replenishes nano-particles on the nano-ceramic layer, restoring the hydrophobic effect of the surface to avoid water spots for a longer period. Keep your vehicle clean and bright!

Instructions for coating maintenance:
1. Try to avoid water contact for a week after coating. 

2. If the coating surface gets wet, please wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the water. 

3. The erosion of acid rain easily causes water spots, so washing the car after rain will prevent it.

4. Use special detergents and reduce car body damage.

5. Regularly visit a detailing store for the best maintenance and support of the coating effect. This will provide your car with UV protection and maintain a high level of water repellency over the years. 

6. The correct car washing method and proper maintenance will not only prolong the coating effect but also save a lot of time and money.