The side effects of ceramic coating

What are the side effects of ceramic coating?

Generally, car paint can be divided into 4 main layers: metal, primer coat, base color coat, and clear coat. After a certain period of time, the clear coat may be affected by UV rays and acid rains, resulting in a certain degree of corrosion and wear. If it is scratched, the color layer might also be damaged. 

The base color coat is mainly composed of resin, which easily fades under UV and acid rain. Therefore, if your car hasn’t been coated,  every time the color starts fading out you have to paint your vehicle to refresh it. That’s why you must take care of the car properly to prevent the clear coat from fading. The coating can protect the clear coat layer from sun and rain, and even achieve better hardness and scratch resistance. The question is, are there any side effects after car coating? Let’s see what are the common problems!

Polishing impact on the clear coat
Usually, a detailer should conduct a polishing step for better and smoother attachment to the surface of the car paint before coating. Polishing takes away the greasy spots on the paint and removes the iron powder and dirt. Most importantly, it can align the uneven clear coat layer for better protection of the base color coat. This step often causes light damage to the surface of the car paint, so be sure to find a professional detailer to accomplish the application correctly. It will minimize the consequences of polishing and maximize ceramic coating effects.

Oxidation because of organic material
If the quality of the coating is not good enough, it won’t provide the expected protective effects. Moreover, it will easily become the reason for car paint surface oxidation. Therefore, we recommend car owners choose inorganic materials for the coating. Kubebond is a brand that focuses on the protective effects of automotive coating. We provide high-performance nano-ceramic technology and have SGS quality certification. Thanks to the exclusive RBT technology, the coating can completely adhere to the surface of the car paint. This effectively prevents the influence of UV and acid rain and reduces the risk of color fading.

Thick coating causes windshield wipers to get stuck
Some stores apply a thick coating on the windshield in order to pursue good water repellency, which may cause the wipers to get stuck during the operation. KubeBond ultra-thin GlassShield, for mirrors and windshield, avoids this problem, and is always installed by professionally trained detailers.

Frequent car washing
The last and most important point is that the “car washing” step is still required after coating. Please remember that coating is not a magic solution to all problems. After coating the water repellency of the car paint surface is improved, and makes it easy to be cleaned up. However dirt and iron powder may remain on the surface of the car paint with water droplets.  After being exposed to UV rays for some time, the durability of the coating will be decreased. Therefore, the car needs to be washed regularly after coating!