How important is it to protect car seats?

How important is it to protect car seats?

Very few of you probably believe that the interior of a car needs the same protection as the exterior if not more! But think about it, you spend a considerable amount of your time behind the wheel with things like commuting to work, picking up the children at school, and last but not least traffic. Because of our frantic life today, we sometimes consume breakfast in the vehicle, exposing its seats to the dangers of spills from coffee or sandwich dressings. Due to the absorbing properties of certain materials, spillings on the car seats might create permanent damage, which if not adequately treated will impact the overall appearance of the vehicle’s interior. Fortunately, KubeBond provides total protection for a car, interiors included.

The materials of the car seats that you should protect!

What are the materials that need KubeBond’s coating protection? We believe that every single part of your car is valuable to you, and you want to maintain it at its best. Therefore, we encourage you to provide as much protection to your vehicle as possible.
However, some materials deserve special mention, for which coating is a must. They are:

Not to be confused with “Leatherette” (a synthetic material mixture), leather’s distinctive sense of touch made it the most used material for luxury car interiors. However, it is delicate and needs constant maintenance to keep its original appearance. Moreover, in the case of wear and tear, repairing it will be both challenging and expensive. Coating leather it’s a time-consuming task and requires an expert detailer to guarantee a certain level of protection, and at the same time maintain its sense of touch and original color. KubeBond takes full advantage of the experience of CeraLiv Luxury (the newest brand under CHOOSE NanoTech) in treating leather luxury objects, to provide the highest quality car interior coating. 

Can a synthetic material be found on the seats of a luxury car? Alcantara (also known as Ultrasuede) should give you the answer. A mixture of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, Alcantara feels soft and smooth to the touch, almost like suede. It is known for its durability and ease of maintenance, and it prevents the accumulation of bacteria or dust mites. This doesn’t mean that Alcantara is free from deterioration; although it already has some waterproof properties, spills from more complex liquids like oil-based sandwich dressings will easily penetrate and stain the surface. That’s why, we believe that Alcantara must be protected with KubeBond coatings!

Fabric (Stitches)
Believe it or not, stitches are the most delicate part of car seats. You can be sure that any spill that lands on the stitches will be immediately absorbed. Moreover, the continuous friction of your clothes with the stitches (especially denim material) might cause loss of color and staining. The attention to detail is what makes KubeBond a one-of-a-kind brand; the different application methods of ION make it possible for it to be applied on any type of material, and at the same time maintain the original appearance. With a thick application of ION on the stitches, you can make sure that any spilled liquid, from simple water to oily substances, will immediately slide off the surface.

Exclusive technologies to provide long-lasting protection

Maintaining the original appearance of your car interior is our commitment to you. Thanks to our RBT (Revolutionary Bonding Technology), our interior coating will form a permanent bond with the substrate, with long-lasting protective effects. Moreover, the advanced water-repellent properties of our coating are essential to keep the liquids from contacting the substrate and penetrating it. 

Like always, we emphasize that car coating is still not able to make magic, and interior coating makes no exception. For sure, it can provide a certain degree of protection to some of the most delicate materials for interiors, but you will still have to pay particular attention to maintain it in the best conditions. For this reason, we encourage you to provide your car interior with regular maintenance in one of our certified stores and keep your interior the same as the first day you sat in your car.