How to effectively wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

How to effectively wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

How to effectively wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

All the car enthusiasts will eventually apply ceramic coating to their cars to avoid the deterioration caused by washing. Although ceramic coating represents one of the best options for car care, wrong washing methods might lead to damage of the surface, and loss of the protective properties of the coating. 

DIY, professional car wash or automatic car wash: which one do I choose?

Although coatings are famous for their strong easy to clean properties, you will still have to wash your car regularly in order to keep it shiny. But what is exactly the most effective method to wash your car? Below we listed the most common ways to wash your car, from the most recommended one, to the one you should absolutely avoid.

  • Professional car wash service

If you spare no expense and only want the best for your car, this should be your first option. However, we suggest you to choose carefully where to wash your car, as many car detailing stores use low quality detergents that could potentially damage your ceramic coating. Not only are KubeBond authorized detailers regularly trained, but they also use the best products to wash your car, such as specific microfiber cloths, or environmentally friendly maintenance products.

  • DIY car wash

As the saying goes” if you want a thing done right, do it yourself”, DIY washing represents a valid alternative for those who have time to dedicate to their loved vehicles over the weekend. Make sure you first learn how to wash your car properly by reading articles and watching videos, and have a lot of fun!

  • Touchless automated car wash

Here only high pressure water jets and detergents are used to remove dirt and other deposits. Automatic spinning brushes are not used, minimizing the risk of damage to the paint of your vehicle. Unfortunately, a large part of automated car wash uses cheap detergent which can potentially damage your ceramic coating.

  • Traditional automated car wash

If you are passionate about cars you should stay away from this type of service. Its automatic spinning brushes are widely regarded as the main responsible for swirl marks on your car paint. On top of that, the detergent used for those automated car washes is usually of low quality and will contribute to damage your coating.

Final thoughts

So what is the best option to wash your car without impacting the effectiveness of its ceramic coating? We advise you to have your vehicle regularly washed at the same car coating store where you applied coating. Experienced detailers are likely to be experts in car washing too, and know how to provide the best results. Other than regular washing, we advise you to do regular maintenance of your ceramic coating, which is available in every KubeBond official store.