Is it possible to improve perfection?

                                               After over 10 years of success, we managed to improve what made 9H the most successful car detailing product on the market.

Have you noticed?

Your phone’s screen has become much tougher and drop-resistant.

That’s because big smartphone producers like Apple started implementing the ION exchange technology on their smartphone screens.

The car protection industry can now benefit from the advantages of this technology thanks to KubeBond’s new ION!


ION is a ceramic coating compound divided into two bottles: ION Base and ION Top.

provides hardness and protective effects

Thanks to its multilayering Lego-like structure, every next layer will perfectly stack on top of the previous one once fully cured.

ION BASE Transparent reshaped 290
ION TOP Transparent reshaped 290

activates the ION exchange

 ION TOP coat activates the ION exchange: large IONs present in the TOP coat switch with the smaller IONs of the BASE coat. This grants ION a much better durability, and exclusive protective effects. Moreover, the actual Top layer is more effective than simple nano hairs, providing the longest lasting hydrophobic effect on the car detailing market.

Lego-like ION Base structure

In the past, curing a layer for too long would result in its surface becoming hydrophobic, making it impossible to stack the next layer on top of it.  ION finally solves this problem.

ION it’s based on a different concept from 9H, and the drier a Base layer is, the easier it will be for the next Base layer to be applied. Imagine the Base layers of ION as a Lego-like structure, of which once every layer is fully cured the next one can be applied on top of it with the minimal effort.

This gives you almost complete control over the completion of a coating work, by deciding if delivering a vehicle back to the customer on the same day, or after a week.

reduced application time

  2 layers of ION equals 4 layers of Diamond 9H


Cure for 30 minutes


 Apply the next layer at will


  Car is ready for delivery on the same day

how to apply ION?




Refer to user manual for detailed instructions.

protected surfaces

 Even the most delicate surfaces can be protected from scratches and tiny abrasions with ION.


Paint surfaces

Mirror finish


Metal parts

Plastic interior

Exhaust system


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