Revolutionary Bonding Technology (RBT)

The RBT isolates the substrate, and provides it with anti fouling and hydrophobic properties!

Most of the coating products can grant a good protective effect, but if the adhesion is not good enough, the coating will easily peel off, and the effect will fade in just two or three months. KubeBond’s RBT grants our coatings strong adhesion properties, while providing anti fouling and hydrophobic properties.


Adhesion is the key to maintain the coating's effect for a long time

In just a few years, coating has expanded from the only industrial usage, to the automotive, and home solution services.
Coating’s popularity in such a short time happened because other than providing excellent protective properties, coating can also greatly reduce the subsequent maintenance time of an object. With so many coating brands created in such a short time, the key to recognize a coating’s quality is its adhesion capacity.

The RBT enables our coatings to achieve permanent results

The RBT technology developed by KubeBond’s parent company CHOOSE NanoTech allowed us to create long lasting coating products. Through the RBT technology, our coating can chemically react with the water molecules in the atmosphere, and maximize the adhesion strength between the coating and the substrate. A three dimensional network crystal is formed during the reaction process, allowing the coating to provide near permanent protection to the substrate.

KubeBond's coating can even adhere on the smooth surface of the glass!

KubeBond high performance coating has strong properties, and can even adhere on extremely high density glass surfaces. This breaks through the adhesion limitations that coatings had in the past, and greatly extends the range of protection that coating can provide. KubeBond’s coating can provide the necessary protection against fingerprints, dirt and water stain for shower separator glass, as well as mirror stainless steel objects, like elevators. The strong adhesive capacity can also give the substrate a certain wear resistance, so that precious items can always be maintained in the best condition.

With the RBT technology the substrate is not only weather resistant, but also wear resistant at high speeds.

The strong adhesive properties allow KubeBond’s coating to have outstanding protective performance, anti fouling, and easy to clean effect, even for items that are in contact with outdoor environments for a long time, such as balcony floors or car surfaces. As for motorsports, other than providing drag reduction up to 5%, our coating can still display wear resistance, even at high speed, and provide protection again sand, and other damaging objects.

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