Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT)

The LCT perfectly fits on the surface of an object by forming an invisible and protective layer

Ceramic is a common material in our society and it can be seen on the tables of our kitchens, and in our bathrooms. It is strong, durable and it has anti fouling, and easy to clean characteristics. The use of the LCT in our products is also part of CHOOSE NanoTech‘s international success.


After coating, the object will be gifted with easy to clean effect, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.

By converting the characteristics of solid ceramics into liquid, CHOOSE’s LCT breaks through the limitations of traditional coatings. Our coatings are anti stain, have high resistance to acid and alkali substances, and can withstand extremely high temperatures of 1,000℃ – 1,600℃. Thanks to our technologies, these excellent properties can be extended to various industrial fields and also daily life, providing more comprehensive protection for cherished items.

Strong adhering property is the key to a long lasting effect

Usually combined with the RBT, KubeBond’s LCT greatly improves the protection effect of an object. When the coating contacts the water molecules in the atmosphere, it chemically reacts to form a three dimensional crystal network , with high strength chemical bond. This ensures that the ceramic coating perfectly fits on the substrate of every surface, even if it is the smoothest stainless steel of a building elevator. The combination between LCT and RBT not only improves the hardness of the substrate, but also gives the object wear resistance characteristics, and provides long term protection of the substrate by strengthening the adhesion ability.

CHOOSE coating effectiveness certified both at home and abroad

KubeBond attaches great importance to safety and environmental related issues. In addition to obtaining numerous domestic SGS certifications, our coating also obtained EU’s high standard REACH certification, to ensure that it is not harmful for both humans and the environment.

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