Chemically Strengthened Technology (CST)

CST gives the car body wear resistance, while also improving the hardness of the substrate.

A new breakthrough in the coating industry, the CST works with the ion exchange between two layers of coating. In addition to increasing the hardness of the substrate several times, the CST also gives the car body wear resistant characteristics, which greatly improves the protective effect of KubeBond coating.


The coating protection is greatly upgraded thanks to the usage of CST!

Glass is one of the most common materials in daily life, and the dangers and worries caused by its easy breakage are difficult to ignore. Therefore, the advent of tempered glass with improved hardness has become a major breakthrough, allowing glass to be more popular in daily life. CHOOSE NanoTech understands the benefits of tempered glass, and developed the CST based on the ion exchange technology, that is used to create our revolutionary products.

CST: wear resistance, increased hardness, and also glass's original appearance maintained

The main strengthening methods of glass are divided into high temperature baking, and chemical strengthening. With temperature of hundred degrees, during the high temperature baking the surface of the glass is rapidly cooled to maintain a strong and equal balance of internal and external compression forces, and the hardness is enhanced five times. Even if accidentally broken, the strengthened glass will be broken into tiny particles, which will not cause injury. Chemically strengthened glass happens through the exchange of metal ion bonds in a high temperature environment, so that the surface of the glass changes in structure, by becoming more compressed. this guarantees that the hardness of the glass is increased of six to eight times. Compared with high temperature baking, chemical strengthened glass does not experience extreme temperature changes, bending and deformation, and the original appearance is maintained.

The ion exchange technology gives CHOOSE coating its outstanding effect and durability

KubeBond’s revolutionary new coatings are based on the chemically strengthened glass technology . In addition to the further enhancement of the anti fouling and easy to clean effect, CHOOSE’s coating has broken through the high temperature limit required for coating curing. Even at room temperature, the ION bonds can react with the surface of the object and produce three dimensional network crystals. This not only increases the hardness of the substrate several times, but also gives the object wear resistance effectively avoiding the risk of surface scratches. Moreover, the protective layer formed by chemical bonding has strong adhesion, even in a temperature changing environment. This groundbreaking technology is being actively implemented in the automotive coatings industry, and other vulnerable environments, such as outdoor installation art, stone floors, or balconies.

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