9H Pencil hardness

9H pencil hardness greatly increases the hardness of the substrate to achieve the best protection

CHOOSE NanoTech coating will turn from liquid to solid once applied, forming a ceramic transparent film with hardness up to 9H. Not only this film improves the hardness of the substrate, but it also provides brightness with excellent stain resistance.


Coating and wax can both increase the brightness of the paint, so what's the difference between them?

Car detailing goes from the simple waxing, to the multiple benefits of coating, until the uniqueness of the PPF. All of these products have their own characteristics. The advantage of wax is that it is simple to apply: as long as good sanding skills are displayed, a good waxing job can be performed. However, wax has a very short lifespan, and its effect is shortened every time the car paint is washed. Moreover, damage is done to the car paint’s every time wax is applied, as the polisher will create micro abrasions to the lacquer layer.

The history of car beauty's evolution: what kind of protection can 9H hardness achieve?

Ten years ago, there was no standard of hardness in the car beauty industry, and the best car maintenance was waxing. Although waxing is simple, it requires frequent beauty treatments, and the effect will be lost after a few washing cycles. KubeBond aims at real car care, and developed a highly transparent, ultra thin, high hardness automotive coating. In order to prove the actual existence of the transparent coating on the surface, we cooperated with SGS, a renewed testing agency, to establish once for all a standard of definition for car coating. That’s how we decided to call our paint protective product 9H.

We launched our products in 2010 and immediately shook the car beauty industry. At that time the car beauty market already had producers claiming hardness level as high as 10 or 11H, but none of them was able to prove it with certifications. KubeBond, as a pioneer in the automotive beauty industry, is able to deliver customers the best products on the market, backed by authentic certifications.

Keep your car tidy and its paint color always in its best condition!

The 9H hardness not only improves the hardness of the car paint, but its ultra transparent ceramic layer can effectively improve the brightness of the car paint. This protective layer also displays strong water and oil repellent functions, and self-cleaning effect! KubeBond coating has passed the EU’s REACH certification, which makes our coating safe, for people and the environment.

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