Is it essential to have certifications for a ceramic coating brand?

Why is it essential to have certifications for a ceramic coating brand?

Because of the high competition in the market, car detailing brands spend considerable effort to find the best marketing strategy and attract customers to them. We’ve all heard of the “revolutionary” 11H hardness or ultra-hard graphene coatings, but their effectiveness is often debated by several professionals on the web.

However, one thing that we can all agree on is that having certifications helps to improve the credibility of a brand. To give you an example, what food do you feel the most comfortable buying? Of course, the one that can officially certify its quality!

CHOOSE NanoTech, KubeBond’s parent company possesses its R&D laboratory, which allows us to execute a wide range of tests, on different materials. Although this is already a big advantage that shows our company’s uniqueness, we always believed that recognition from an external organization would place us at the top of the industry. 

Let’s find out how KubeBond is always one step ahead of its competitors!

What are KubeBond’s certifications, and what are they based on?

CHOOSE has its R&D laboratory, which allows us to experiment with different methods of conducting a single test until we find the most effective one. After that, we will rely on a 3rd party organization to officially verify the validity of KubeBond coatings. Our most trusted testing partner throughout the years has been SGS, an international and independent testing company, with a network of 2700 laboratories around the world. SGS has various types of precision testing instruments and helped us perform some of our most important tests, such as the abrasion and 1008-hour salt spray tests. However, SGS is only a testing company and doesn’t require the samples to follow certain criteria to be eligible for testing. Of course, it can suggest what kind of test to execute on certain materials and in what way, but other than that, the criteria can be entirely decided by the customer. So, what is exactly the testing criteria followed by CHOOSE?

You might be happy that CHOOSE followed the rigorous JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) criteria for our SGS tests. Not only this ensures a 3rd party validation, but also that the criteria followed during the tests are defined by international organizations.

What does it take for a coating brand to be successful?

Nowadays, the car detailing market is filled with numerous brands which have a relatively short lifespan. Even those claiming to have the latest “revolutionary” protective effects in the industry, usually disappear within a few years. As always, the reality is that facts speak louder than words. KubeBond was founded more than 10 years ago, it managed to survive the multiple changes in the market and establish itself as one of the top brands in the industry. This didn’t happen overnight and was achieved through self-improvement, and a desire to revolutionize the industry… Certifications are one of the tiny pieces that confirm our company’s uniqueness.

In conclusion, even though certifications alone don’t build the name of a brand, they can still constitute one of the most valuable advantages that a brand can offer to customers in such a competitive world as the car detailing industry.