Ceramic coating after a collision

what happens to ceramic coating in case of a collision?

Car coating improves the wear resistance and protection of a vehicle, but it doesn‘t completely solve serious damages like collisions. When a collision happens between two vehicles, the friction between them will likely cause the exchange of clear coat particles on the paint surface, or worse scratches. At this point, it will be necessary to clean or polish the damaged area to restore it to its original appearance.

Below you can see step-by-step instructions on how to deal with car coating after a collision:

Estimate the extent of the damage

Although ceramic coating increases surface protection, it’s still not able to withstand strong damage. First of all, evaluate the damage extent after a collision, and then decide whether your car needs to be handed over to a professional body repair service. Of course, leaving it to professionals would be your best guarantee!

The DIY way

After a collision, it might happen that no scratch is done to the car paint, depending on the hardness of the object colliding. In this case, clean the affected part with water first, then wipe it with a sponge with a polishing agent on it. This simple step will remove the stains left on the paint and will restore its original smoothness and flatness. However, we still advise you to have your ceramic coating checked by a professional detailer, to ensure that its effectiveness has not been affected. 

The professional way

If the scratches are deep and cause significant damage to the paint surface, the vehicle must be handled by professionals. In fact, it is only through polishing that the paint can be restored to its original condition. Polishing will level the affected part until it is even with the rest of the paint, and remove the stains left on the paint. However, in case of deep scratches that cannot be fixed by simple polishing, the body part of the affected area will have to be completely replaced. We strongly believe that a qualified professional must go through over a thousand hours of training to be proficient in all procedures, from damage assessment to total restoration. So make sure that you do some research before you hand your car to a body repair shop.