What is the difference between wax, PPF, and coating?

Coating VS. Wax

Wax fills in the gaps in the car’s clear coat caused by scratches. Besides enhancing the paint’s glossiness, it also enhances water repellency. However, the wax will quickly wear when the car reaches high speeds, and won’t protect the vehicle as effectively as it should. To maintain the effect, frequent waxing is necessary.
KubeBond uses its exclusive LCT that allows chemicals to form a 3D protective layer that bonds to the surface of the car. There is no damage to the paint, and the process can give the car an extra layer of protection. Moreover, a third-party test by a professional institution has shown that KubeBond can reduce drag resistance by as much as 5%. Not only this ensures a smoother driving experience but also reduces the consumption of fuel. Additionally, through RBT, the life of the coating is greatly extended, and the effect can last up to three years under normal use.

Coating VS. PPF

First of all, PPF can be applied with pre-cut pieces, or manually. Although machine-cutting is relatively cheap and fast, the edges cannot be covered well and dirt is easy to accumulate; manual cutting requires more time, and skilled installers to be installed successfully. In addition, the choice of PPF material is also very important. As long as you choose high-grade PPF, you can achieve good protective effects such as anti-scratch and anti-rock chips.
Ceramic coating provides a wide variety of protective effects, especially increased glossiness for the paint and durable hydrophobic effect. However, it does not have the function of preventing rock chips or scratches.

Concluding remarks

As armor for your car, a ceramic coating acts like one. It has waterproof and antifouling features, guarding against bird droppings and acid rain from damaging the car body. Waxing a car is like putting a lightweight raincoat on it, it’s shiny and water-repellent, but with daily use wears it out and the shine fades. A paint protection film is an attachment to the car’s armor that increases the protection to the highest level.

KubeBond provides the strongest combination of coating and film, like putting on double-layer armor for your car. When the outer armor is worn out, the car’s paint will remain intact.