How do weather conditions influence the car paint?

What causes the deterioration of car paint?

Other than the lack of basic maintenance, weather, and climate are the main causes of the deterioration of your car’s paint. Fortunately, the car detailing industry provides you with ceramic coating and PPF, to keep your car protected against weather elements. In today’s article, we will see how car detailing services can effectively protect your investment, even in harsh weather conditions.

The impact of weather elements on car paint

Below we listed the main responsible weather elements for the deterioration of the car paint.

While for most of us, it’s a dream to live near the ocean, this type of climate can lead to paint corrosion if not properly protected. The application of PPF might be the best solution to avoid corrosion because it has a thickness of 8-12 mils, and can effectively prevent the sea salt from contacting the paint. For obvious reasons, we suggest a full-body PPF applied manually and folded, to avoid leaving any part exposed. As for coating, the thick application is the key to avoiding corrosion. The new KubeBond ION has self-leveling properties, which make it possible to apply it thickly, without displaying the so-called “rainbow effect”. This will leave a thickness of around 3-5 microns, which effectively seals the paint from contacting the sea salt.

The sun can help boost your mood on a Monday morning, but it does not have the same effect on cars. Long-term exposure to the hot sun can cause your paint to lose its original glossiness, permanently affecting its appearance. While PPF it’s always a good option to keep your vehicle protected, long exposure to the sun will accelerate its yellowing. This means that you will have to invest more budget to change your PPF more frequently. KubeBond KUBEBOND ION PPF - 高性能車體貼膜 represents the definitive solution to long sun exposure and yellowing; the extra layer of ION applied on the PPF provides the surface with a thick ceramic coating barrier, that maintains its transparency for longer. As for coating, we recommend a brand that offers multi-layering protection, to effectively prevent the sun from affecting the paint for a long time.

Even though the snow has a certain charm, the damage that it can create to the paint can be quite serious. For example, hitting the snow when driving at high speed, or removing the accumulation of it from the car paint, might create micro-scratches, and ruin the overall appearance of your car. We suggest you choose the type of protection for your vehicle based on how frequently it snows in your area. In some countries, it is cold for several months of the year, snow storms are frequent, and roads tend to get icy and have to be treated with salt. For these reasons, we suggest the application of PPF, which prevent damage from heavy snow storms, salt, and road debris. In relatively cold areas, where snow storms are rare, the application of a ceramic coating will be more than enough to keep your vehicle safe from damage. The exclusive abrasion resistance of KubeBond’s ION will grant your vehicle a much higher resistance against the damages from snow, and maintain the appearance of your vehicle for longer than ever.

The wind often carries dust and sand with it, causing micro-scratches of the paint if not adequately protected. A good multi-layering coating provides enough thickness to avoid this problem, especially when driving at high speed in the presence of dusty wind. However, some environments present harsher conditions, and strong winds can lead to serious damage to your car. For example, when falling off trees, branches might cause scratches or dents to the paint. In this case, PPF is highly recommended as it is the only way to protect the paint from serious damage like scratches. KubeBond’s professional team can assist you in choosing the right package to protect your car from weather elements. Contact one of our worldwide detailing shops for a professional consultation.

What is the best protection against weather elements?

As we mentioned in the past, the best protection for a vehicle is the combination of a ceramic coating and PPF, and KubeBond’s ION PPF is the best expression of it. The application of a layer of ION Base before its installation will form a barrier between the paint and its glue, preventing extra cleaning jobs every time the PPF is removed. Moreover, the extra ceramic coating layer on top of it enhances its rock chip and scratch resistance. For those who don’t have the budget to invest in PPF, a good multi-layering ceramic coating should represent the second-best option. KubeBond’s new ION provides double the thickness and glossiness of the past, a more durable hydrophobic effect, and exclusive abrasion resistance. Therefore, it will provide you with a good degree of protection against the weather elements. 

KubeBond’s goal has always been very simple: making life easier for every car owner with our products and services. Contact us directly to know more about the advantages of choosing KubeBond!