How to choose a detailing shop

Which detailing shop do I choose?

As we discussed in previous articles, choosing the suitable ceramic coating for your new car can be quite difficult because of the hundreds of brands in the market. On top of that, the number of shops you can choose for detailing services is double the number of coating brands. We guarantee that if you drive around your neighborhood for more than ten minutes, you will pass by several detailing shops, all offering a wide variety of professional services. However, are all of them really that professional? Why do they all have a difference in prices? What about the quality of their products? … As you can see, choosing the right detailing shop for your new car can be quite challenging.

Factors to consider when choosing a car detailer

Fortunately, KubeBond can give you a couple of tips to help you make a decision. The following are the most important factors to consider when choosing a detailing shop.

Actual shop vs mobile detailing business
The main difference between the two types of detailing is the equipment available to carry out work, and the climate conditions of the environment. For example, the lighting system in a detailing shop is costly, because the light can be adjusted for intensity to check if the coating was applied correctly at every step. Moreover, the indoor environment reduces the risk of dust depositing on the paint when applying the coating, excessive humidity, and exposure to extremely hot or cold temperatures. These factors are likely to ensure excellent results when the new car is delivered back to the customer. Even though a mobile business offers the convenience of bringing detailing directly to you, its equipment is not as precise as the one of an actual shop. Taking the lighting system as an example, mobile lighting doesn’t offer the same intensity degree as the one in the shop, and the different weather conditions such as sun or clouds will make it hard to check for any coating imperfection. On top of that, unstable weather conditions make it hard to have complete control over the quality of work. For these reasons, KubeBond suggests you choose an actual shop over a mobile detailing business.

Whether a restaurant or a detailing shop, this evaluation method works across the board. You might want to do your Google research before choosing a detailing store and see what other customers’ experience was like. Well-established businesses usually have a high level of appreciation and use positive reviews as a marketing tool to proudly display on their social media pages and websites. Therefore, we recommend you choose positively reviewed detailing shops that will likely satisfy all of your needs.

Difference in price
Professional and experienced detailers are more likely to be expensive than competitors. They usually have a well-established name in the local community, which allows them to maintain existing customers while obtaining new ones. Moreover, they are likely to use better quality products for detailing services, such as better quality detergents for car washing and more durable ceramic coatings for car protection. Even though higher prices are not always related to better quality, they are in 90% of the cases. For this reason, KubeBond encourages you to seek detailing services through shops that have at least prices in line with the market, or higher. By choosing one of our certified KubeBond stores, your new car will be provided with the most professional services and highest quality products. Moreover, you will have the possibility to protect your vehicle with the latest breakthrough innovation for the car protection industry, like our new ION.

Quality assurance
The coating on your car is invisible and other than the glossiness, it is often hard to see the difference between a coated and an uncoated car. Therefore, how can a detailing shop prove that the coating on your car is effective? Many detailers would show the difference in hydrophobic effect by sprinkling water on the coated parts, such as paint, glass, and rims. This is an effective method of testing a coating work and usually satisfies the customer. In such a competitive market as the detailing one, where it is hard to provide drastic changes, KubeBond always works to be ahead of the competition. We plan to implement a revolutionary way of validating the coating work on a customer’s car called Quality Control Test, which will not only validate the effectiveness of the coating on the paint but will also allow him to have an official warranty certificate issued from CHOOSE NanoTech. Keep following our social media pages to stay updated on the topic!

Quality comes at a price

Just like any other topic that we discussed in the past, we continue to emphasize that quality has a price. Detailers need time and constant practice to master the skills, and with the advancements in technology, have to learn new methods of application. Moreover, they have to set up a nice-looking detailing shop and invest in a marketing campaign to attract new customers. This requires a big investment of money and time.

As we said previously, we encourage you to do some research first, and then carefully select your detailing shop based on the factors that we mentioned above. If you want to make your new car a more valuable investment, we encourage you to look more at the actual credentials of the detailing shop, other than just the prices. This will most likely increase your chances of successfully choosing a detailing shop.