X-3 Case

By Ceramic Works

Always prepared for any journey.

This BMW X3 is owned by a family of three who are expecting a new baby. The expecting mom needs more space to raise her children, so they decided to buy a new house and car. They want to explore new terrains in search of their new home so decided to make a cross-country road trip. To prevent any setback on their journey they want to protect the car’s paint with KubeBond’s coating.


Take care of everything you love.

The family is planning to have a new member so they want to protect the inside of the car too. GermShield helps prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from attaching to the surfaces. Protecting the fabric with an antimicrobial coating keeps pathogens away and the family healthier. 


Bring everything along for the ride.

The inside of an X3 is large and comfortable for a family, and keeping it tidy can be a hard task for the little ones. KubeBond offers the best upholstery protection with NuInterior and LeatherShield. Food accidents do happen on the journey, but they can be cleaned up quickly and easily thanks to KubeBond’s layer of protection. Everything is allowed inside the vehicle, so the kids won’t go hungry and the parents don’t have to worry.


BMW case