Up to six months of antimicrobial systems

Some of the most common sterilization methods are sterilizing hands with alcohol and the environment with hypochlorous acid. But after sterilization, can we be sure that we have eliminated all the viruses and harmful bacteria? The answer is no. However, with CHOOSE NanoTech coating, you can enjoy long-lasting antimicrobial protection and be freed from worry.

One Unintentional Action Can Cause Bacteria to Act up


We often use disposable products for sterilization. But in fact, we don’t know if we successfully kill the bacteria that threaten our health. According to a 2015 report from the University of Sydney, Australia, every person touches the face 23 times per hour on average. 44% of the touches are to the eyes, nose, or mouth, and the total number of face touches per day can be as high as 400-600 times. These touches give bacteria a way into our bodies through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, causing inflammation, diarrhea, or even worse conditions.


CHOOSE’s Superior Three Antimicrobial Systems Offer You Protection Day and Night


With its expertise, CHOOSE NanoTech has successfully developed three antimicrobial systems. First, it uses photocatalysts to absorb light energy from the environment to continuously kill bacteria. Second, it uses silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) to actively absorb and eliminate harmful bacteria. After the bacteria die, the silver ions are released to continue to act on other bacteria. Third, it forms a transparent stain- and water-resistant coating on the surface and inhibits bacterial growth by effectively preventing liquids from penetrating the material and blocking the source of nutrients for bacteria.


CHOOSE antimicrobial coatings to provide a variety of unique protections for substrates through these three antimicrobial systems. Our coatings have been verified by unbiased third-party organizations and have received positive feedback from customers worldwide. These prove that our coatings are effective in killing bacteria and providing long-lasting, safe, and non-toxic protection for you and your family.


Not Only Antibacterial But Also Anti-Mold


After years of sales, CHOOSE has discovered that our exclusive three antimicrobial systems do more than just provide long-term antibacterial effects and isolate harmful bacteria from affecting our health. In addition, there is an “added effect” that prevents mold from growing. As soon as the mold touches the material surface, it will be attacked by a unique mechanism. Items in our lives, such as wooden cabinets, leather bags, clothes, etc., often become moldy due to humid and hot weather. Mold affects the appearance and causes damage to the items. But with CHOOSE’s three antimicrobial systems, your valuables will always be in the perfect condition as they were in the first place.


Our Three Antimicrobial Systems Give You Round-the-Clock Protection


CHOOSE NanoTech’s three antimicrobial systems to provide substrates with unique, multiple, round-the-clock protection. As proven by SGS antimicrobial test reports, the antimicrobial protection is long-lasting up to 6 months. It helps to guard your health and frees you from worrying about the various microbes in the environment.


CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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