The precious leather



With its authenticity, leather has been used since ancient times for regular clothes, and soldier’s armor. Nowadays, leather walks upwards into our flourishing society and a beautiful bag in the hands of a passerby can be seen everywhere. The leather that we wear, other than being an icon of style, gives people a sense of confidence, which is what makes leather different from other materials.


So precious that it fears erosion from water


Leather is a warm and light material that possesses high breathability and flexibility, which gives people a comfortable feeling. The surface’s natural, smooth and delicate texture possesses a unique touch that makes people love it. However, on a rainy day, leather will show its weakness: if not promptly dried, water penetrates the leather, and mold grows as a result.


CHOOSE protects leather from the water damage


After years of research and development, CHOOSE NanoTech developed professional coatings for leather. By completely covering the surface, CHOOSE coatings don’t allow any water particles in the air to attack the leather, they also possess a high waterproof effect, successfully helping customers to protect their leather from water.


CHOOSE unique protection technology


Thanks to CHOOSE unique Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT), the protection is so invisible that even some of our clients once doubted its existence. However, thanks to our company’s exclusive examinations we are able to give customers a proof, and see with their eyes this invisible protection!


Third-party certifications


CHOOSE leather coatings obtained multiple SGS certifications. During the UV test, it has been proven that CHOOSE coatings can effectively prevent leather’s aging. During the water repellency test, it was shown that CHOOSE coatings reach as high as 125 degrees of water contact angle, which lets water drips slide off the surface, preventing it from directly penetrating the surface and avoiding erosion. Moreover, during the film thickness test, it’s been shown that CHOOSE coatings reach a  2.5㎛ of thinness, which is so thin that won’t affect leather’s softness. Finally, the EU’s REACH guarantees that CHOOSE coatings are harmless for the environment and human health, providing consumers with the safest guarantee.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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