The perfect solution for glass lime scale

Lime scale is the most annoying stain for glass. Even if someone spends a lot of time getting rid of it, it will show up again after a few days. This happens because lime scale is actually the result of the corrosion from alkaline substances in water. In short words, once they appear, it means the glass surface is damaged and uneven.  Water easily adheres to the uneven glass, lime scale appears, and creates a vicious circle. In order to solve the problem, CHOOSE NanoTech applies the “prevention is better than cure” concept for the development of a unique coating for glass that will solve the lime scale problems.

The maintenance difficulty of glass


The most notable characteristic of glass is the absolute transparency. However, the transparency means it’s easy for dirt to influence the visibility. What’s worse is that when alkaline substances in water corrode the surface, it is hard to remove the lime scale. One way to prevent this from happening is to clean the glass everyday which is really hard to achieve and might lead to surface damage.


CHOOSE coatings provide reliable and invisible protection


CHOOSE NanoTech takes advantage of rich experience in the industrial coating field to develop the exclusive RBT, LCT, CST technologies and create coatings that are exclusive for glass application. The high performance glass coatings not only maintains the same hardness compared to industrial ones, but also provides strong resistance against alkalis and high temperatures. Moreover, they possess high transparency, ultra-thin film, ultra-wear resistance, and prevent any dirt from sticking to the surface that ultimately causes damage to the glass.


Exclusive technologies to create exclusive coatings


CHOOSE protects glass with our coatings that have various exclusive technologies. Firstly, we take advantage of the unique LCT technology which forms a transparent ceramic layer to cover the surface, preventing any dirt from sticking to it. Followed by CST technology which is able to strengthen the ceramic layer that makes it hard for glass to damage. Finally, our coatings protect glass with the RBT technology which enables coatings to strongly adhere to the glass. The combination of those three revolutionary technologies ensures the best quality of our glass coatings.



The famous SWIIO hotel is protect by CHOOSE


Located in Da’an district Taipei, the SWIIO hotel possesses a notable design which includes top selections of brands from all over the world. However, even though the bathrooms are cleaned and maintained every day, they still can’t escape the water stains. That’s when CHOOSE comes to help by providing glass with a strong water repellent effect. Our coatings possess high transparency, ultra-thin film, and strong acid-alkali resistance which are the best solutions for water stains. Even the usage of detergent for cleaning won’t affect the coating’s protective effect, and maintain the high level design its original charm.


Say goodbye to water and soap stains


Glass is like any other material. Once damaged, it is hard to restore. That’s why at CHOOSE we commit ourselves to create the best coatings for different materials. And the inspiration comes from the concept: “prevention is better than cure.” The great hydrophobic effect repels external dirt and pollution, and the hardness protects glass surface from the penetration of alkaline substances. Use our coatings, and wave goodbye to water and soap stains.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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