Seeing through Porsche’s invisible armor

Porsche Cayenne

by KubeBond Taiwan


Porsche gets double protected 

Porsche’s owner shows how much he values his automobile by choosing KubeBond’s ceramic car coatings and protective film to protect it entirely. In addition to preventing scratches, KubeBond’s PPF brings back the condition of your car to the original without the use of any heating techniques. 


Results are long-lasting with KubeBond

The car owner needs to replace an off-brand PPF because the first application failed to meet his expectations. Despite having a fairly good protective effect, the film still turned yellow under UV exposure, making the car look dirty. Unfortunately, the PPF stuck to the car’s paint resulting in the detailing shop having to repaint the car entirely. This time, the car owner made the right choice by choosing KubeBond’s PPF. 


Professionals on the job

Our team of experts first coated the paint with two layers of Diamond 9H to increase its thickness. They determined that in case the PPF was damaged, the car paint would still be intact and protected by the coatings. The customer also had the rims coated, which will make it a simple task to do DIY maintenance because of the thick protected surface.


Providing the best protection for your car is what KubeBond strives for.


Treatment Applied:


  1. Full car paint coating: Diamond 9H two layers


  1. Full car paint protective film: PPF Instant Healing


  1. Full car glass coating: GlassShield


  1. Full wheel rims coating: RimShield
Case Study