With KubeBond you can go faster

by KubeBond Taiwan


Such is the supercar lifestyle.


The supercar lifestyle is a little bit different than the typical car enthusiast lifestyle. The 911 is intended for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy their sports car from Monday through Friday and then mimic a racer on the weekends. It is common to see a supercar inside a climate-controlled garage, but when you see one with actual grime on the outside, it’s heartbreaking.


It’s fun, so why stop?


Family cars are typically taken on road trips rather than supercars. However, that is not the case for the owner of this Porsche. He decided to go on a road-trip through the mountains. He had a great time, but the car’s externals were damaged. The continuous exposure to the elements, such as rocks, dirt, and dust, damaged the paint and caused it to chip away.


Drive it anywhere with KubeBond.


Severe impacts on your car’s paint damage underlying paint layers as well as the top coat. To keep the surfaces of the Porsche protected so you can drive it without worries, coat them with KubeBond. The process opens with a thorough rinse with KubeBond’s Shampoo, then wheel cleaning with TarCut and IronCut , followed by NanoPrimer to create a smooth base that helps to keep other products in place and to last longer. Next is a thick layer of RimShield, GlassShield, then 2 layers of Diamond 9H and the car is ready to go.