Model 3 case

By Ceramic Works

Every car has a weak point 

Tesla’s cars are very popular among environmentally friendly people from all over the world. Tim, a young investor from Singapore is such a big fan of Tesla, that bought himself a Model 3 for his birthday. Despite the popularity, Tesla’s car paint is usually very delicate, and easier to damage if not properly protected. That’s why only a week after buying it, Tim already started searching for the right protection for his Model 3’s car paint.


Products that satisfy every kind of demand

Luckily, Tim’s good friend recommended KubeBond protection to solve all of his problems, and enjoy his Tesla once for all. After an impressive introduction of the protective plan from our salesman, Tim didn’t think twice: he chose KubeBond Ceramic Coated PPF to protect his Model 3. Moreover, in order to enhance even more the general hardness of the paint, Tim also decided to apply several layers of coating before doing the PPF. Although the overall price of the protective work was quite high, Tim knew that this would have been a good investment.


Timeless value for your investment

When Tim came back to visit us for the routine QCT test, he expressed his appreciation for KubeBond services and products. He emphasized how impressive the transparency of the PPF is, and how effective it is against rock chips. Finally, we instructed Tim on how to correctly wash the PPF, and exhorted him to come back for routine maintenance. Nowadays, Tim is a regular customer of ours, and he is already planning to protect his brand new Tesla with KubeBond once again.


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