Macan case

By Ceramic Works

How can a dirty car be the face of a company?

The Porsche Macan is the perfect choice for those who want a spacious 4 doors car with attractive look. Johnny and his assistants work for a successful marketing company in Singapore, and drive the company’s Macan every Monday to attend meetings in Malaysia. Their busy lifestyle often requires them to buy breakfast, and consume it in the company’s car. They also have very little time to wash the car daily, as they have to follow a busy schedule. Cars, just like people, are meant to be the face of the company, so how to make this Porsche live up to the expectations?


Time is the most valuable thing 

Same as KubeBond, Johnny’s company is very successful, and values its employees and their hard work. That’s why for this Macan the company spared no expenses opting for a full internal and external coating work. Their aim was to reduce the frequent maintenance requested for a company car, while maintaining it as clean as possible. Because of Johnny’s busy schedule, the company requested us to complete the coating work over the weekend, so that the car could be on the road again for the next Monday. No need to say that our team of professionals worked day and night to ensure that the car would be delivered on the scheduled date.


Improvement is the key for success

After choosing KubeBond to protect the company’s car, Johnny and his team have a much easier life now: washing the Macan once a week is enough to keep it shiny, and wiping the spilled coffee with a napkin is enough to keep its fabric seats clean. KubeBond does exactly what every great company does: improving people’s lives with its products.