KubeBond protect paint against deterioration up to 10 years

Building facades, sculptures, car surfaces, and home interior walls all need to undergo a painting process in order to look beautiful. However, once regular paint gets attacked by acid rain, pollution, and greasy substances, it will soon start to peel off, get dirty, and lose its luster. What in the beginning was meant to emphasize beauty, now becomes a trouble for the owner. Luckily, CHOOSE coatings are able to solve all these problems.


CHOOSE protects paint from corrosion while maintaining original appearance


In order to solve the high maintenance cost of paint, CHOOSE developed a coating that is specific for paints which possess weather resistant effect, and forms an actual thick film on the surface. This film isolates the substrate from the contact with polluting particles and maintains the best conditions.


Moreover, after years of research CHOOSE successfully overcame the discoloration problem after exposure to UV light for a long time. This provided permanent transparency and strong protection, which allowed CHOOSE to obtain the SGS laboratory certification through the 1008 hours’ salt-spray test. The protection effect was proven lasting up to 10 years in a naturally exposed environment.


HSUEHSHAN tunnel applied our coating to cut down the yearly costs


Because of the high temperature and humidity, the paint inside the Hsuehshan tunnel is hard to maintain. On top of that, there is the damage caused by cars exhaust emission, resulting in costly operation of repainting every year. However, thanks to CHOOSE stain resistant protective coating which firmly adheres to the surface, even though cars exhaust emission will inevitably turn the walls black, through a simple cleaning process it is possible to restore the best conditions.


CHOOSE protected the UNIQLO pure white walls


The pure white walls of every store are UNIQLO’s most distinctive trademark, a design that expresses simplicity and quality. However, white wall maintenance is a big problem: just a bit of dirt on the surface will be obvious, especially with Taiwan’s harsh weather conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, and smog.


These factors will inevitably affect the whiteness of the walls, changing the image that consumers have of the brand. CHOOSE coatings make it hard for dirt to adhere on the white surface, and on a rainy day the self-cleaning effect will be achieved. Most importantly, our coatings stay transparent, and help maintain the original appearance even after long exposure to UV, providing a real easy-to-clean long time effect.


CHOOSE solves your cleaning problems for years to come


Once paint encounters humidity or high temperatures, it gets dirty and eventually starts peeling. CHOOSE coatings give paint the best protection, and help you save maintenance costs.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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