Japanese SUPER GT racing car

by KubeBond Japan


The secret to victory

Subaru has been a long-time technical partner of CHOOSE NanoTech, KubeBond’s parent company. With their drag reduction system(DRS) technology, KubeBond assists Subaru BRZ with better performance in a race.

Resists harsh weather conditions

Rain is the scariest factor during a race. In order to keep the visibility in optimal condition, Subaru uses KubeBond’s GlassShield coating to protect the car’s windshield. Our ceramic car coating for glass has a water contact angle of 125 degrees, this means it has exceptional hydrophobicity. In heavy rain, even when driving at high speeds, the raindrops will immediately fall off the surface, not interfering with the driver’s vision and protecting him.


A successful partnership

We have been collaborating with Subaru since 2015, allowing them to win the Japanese SUPER GT championship. As a token of appreciation, Subaru featured CHOOSE NanoTech’s logo on the commemorative championship car model they recently launched. The Subaru team is not only our technical partner, they are also our family members. We wish them continued success for years to come.


Treatment Applied


  1. Full car paint coating: DRS drag reduction coating


  1. Full car glass coating: GlassShield


  1. Full wheel rims coating: RimShield
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