S Class case

By Miracle Detail Karachi

Meant to drive by the coast

There are few cars which combine luxury with high-tech as the Mercedes S-Class. With its top down, the vehicle cuts a dashing figure against the ocean backdrop. While this Mercedes was designed to enjoy the view and indulge the senses, it also has to be able to withstand the elements while driving along the coast. Even the strongest metal can gradually corrode in the salty atmosphere from the ocean. By coating your car with KubeBond’s product, you will be able to drive worry-free for a long time to come.


Protection on a whole new level

Due to the vehicle’s ability to cross long distances at high speeds, its surfaces may wear quickly. The car owner wanted to keep the reflecting surfaces in great condition, therefore brought the S-Class to protect it. Applying a protective coating like Diamond 9H, keeps the vehicle strong and shiny, like a diamond. Its permanent bond protects the surface from acid rain and salt air corrosion.



If ever you’ve wondered what it’s like to be famous, one drive in this car will tell you all you need to know. It’s like a fashion statement that demands attention and respect. The vehicle has a seriously elegant cabin that’s full to bursting with high-end leather, gorgeous unvarnished wood trims and loads of cold-to-the-touch metal vents and switches. In order to keep it in great conditions, we applied a thick layer of LeatherShield and NuInterior. The coatings effectively preserve the texture and prevent staining of the leather seats and stitching.



Mercedes Case