A6 case

From Miracle Detail Karachi

Long distances 

Megan is an architect who travels long highway journeys every day to meet with her clients. Considering she drives a lot and bought the car six months ago, the condition of her car is important to her. She decided to give the car the attention it deserves and opted for a full car coating, this included car paint, rims, windshield and interior.


Keep the sophisticated style

She thinks that the car’s appearance is a representation of her professionalism so she wants it to look perfect. With KubeBond’s NuInterior and a layer of Leather Shield will keep the upholstery clean and looking good. Diamond 9H will keep the glossy shine and WindShield will give the clearest view all day long. Adding these ceramic coatings to the car will highlight its luxury, making it a pleasure to drive.


Keeping internals pristine

It is sometimes necessary for an architect to bring different items to the client’s location in order to provide options for the client to pick from. The items range from material samples, designs, and scale models. All of this needs to be transported in the vehicle, which is where KubeBond comes in handy. No matter what debris the materials may leave behind, the protective coating makes cleanup easy. Megan can just throw a bunch of stuff in the cargo space without worries now.


Audi case