What is the average cost of a ceramic car coating?

What is the average cost of a ceramic car coating?

If you want to know how much ceramic car coating costs, KubeBond can help you to understand and avoid being overcharged.


Car coating prices on the market

Wax and ceramic car coating are often confused. Both of them will brighten the car’s paint and produce a good water repellent effect, however, the wax’s effect will decline after 1 to 2 weeks, sometimes even less since it won’t withstand abrasion. Some coating manufacturers claim their coatings last two years, are anti-UV and scratch-resistant, and have anti-scratch properties. Therefore, prices will range from $23,000ntd to $100,000 ntd.

What is the difference between KubeBond and other car coating brands?

KubeBond’s prices are around $35,000-$55,000ntd, but why are there higher prices in the market?

Aside from having on-site professional laboratories and tools for R&D, the quality of our products is what customers care about most!  KubeBond’s product line offers outstanding water repellency, easy-cleaning, and anti-fouling effects, as well as UV and abrasion resistance which are not found in other brands. In addition to its on-site laboratory testing, SGS certifies KubeBond as well.

Furthermore, KubeBond provides glass coatings, wheel frame coatings, and automotive interior coatings that others do not. KubeBond’s interior coating not only has water and stain resistant features, but it can also prevent bacterial growth, so you can enjoy a healthy vehicle environment.

KubeBond not only has top-notch products, the brand even proves its dedication to innovation in sustainability. REACH’s certificate of compliance, along with KubeBond’s lack of nine heavy metals, allows the company to reduce environmental pollution while maintaining its position as a market leader.


Kubebond’s quality is guaranteed

KubeBond’s price is above the market average, but the quality is unmatched. Among other coating manufacturers, there is one thing that they do not have – quality assurance testing. KubeBond’s inspection of quality test, or IQ test, evaluates the exterior surface using whiteboard, water-based and permanent markers to test the protective coating and its water beading effects.