What are the benefits of KubeBond ceramic car coating?

What are the benefits of KubeBond ceramic car coating?

What are the benefits of generic ceramic car coating?

Nowdays there’s hundred of brands on the car detailing market, and it is often difficult for you to choose the right brand to protect your vehicle. Coating quality can vary depending on the price, but from a generic coating you should at least expect a good hydrophobic effect, and more brightness for the paint. However, what do the top brands on the market have to offer to you? In this article we will list the multiple benefits of KubeBond coating.

What makes KubeBond different?

Thanks to the precious experience in the semiconductor industry of Choose Nanotech, nowdays KubeBond coating offer the folllwing benefits:

1. Water repellent: Thanks to our exclusive RBT technology, our coating can grant a superior water effect to both absorbing, and non-absorbing surfaces.

2. Easy-to-clean: The superior hydrophobic effect of our coating makes the dirt slide off the surface, saving you a lot of maintenance time.

3. Anti-corrosion: The protective ceramic layer of our coating prevents the weather elements for directly contacting the paint. The efficiency of our anti-corrosion effect has been successfully tested during the 1008 hours salt and spray test.

4. Eco-friendly: We are commitment to sustainability by being in compliance with international standard regulations such as SGS and REACH.

5. Abrasion resistance: Thanks to the ION exchange technology, ION is the only automotive coating product on the market which grants protection against abrasion damages.

6. High-temperature resistance: The overheating of certain parts of a vehicle such as the hood or the exhaust won’t cause our coatings any damage or change of appearance.

7. Weather resistance: The protective layer of our coating can prevent damages from snow, rain, sun exposure, dust, and other weather elements.

8. Wind resistant reduction: Tests at the National Cheng Kung University Wind Tunnel, demonstrated that KubeBond coating can reduce the drag of a vehicle up to 5%.

9. Anti-fouling: KubeBond coatings resist even the most stubborn stains like bird droppings, which can be removed by simple water.

10. Anti-bacterial: KubeBond’s triple antibacterial protection is certified by SGS, and protects the interior of your vehicle from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Our quality is renewed globally

As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t build in a day”, and the same thing can be said about a coating product. It takes a lot of time, research, testing and self improving in order to create an internationally recognized product. It is thanks to our efforts that we managed to create one of the top brands on the car protection market, which is sold in more than 90 countries around the globe.