What does it takes to improve a coating product?

What does it takes to improve a coating product?

What does it take to improve a coating product?

Just by looking at the multiple smartphone brands with their yearly release, you know that products need constant updates in order to meet the customers expectations. It is no exception for coating, and since the release of KubeBond 9H we saw many brands attempting to improve their formula, and release the “next big thing” of coating. Unfortunately, creating something new requires a lot of R&D and time, and simply calling a new product “10H” doesn’t necessarily mean improvement. This is not the case of KubeBond, which thanks to its R&D lab has always been able to provide the car coating market with real improvements for both installers, and the car owners.

One day, that’s it!

ION has finally been released on the market, and its multiple improvements aim to set new standards for the car detailing industry. As we know, real multilayering has always been one of KubeBond main advantages over the competitors, able to provide exclusive effects such as anti-graffiti protection. However, the application of at least 4+1 layers, essential for 9H to provide the anti-graffiti effect, requires several days of work in order to be completed. This forces the installers to work on the same vehicle for 2-3 days, and car owners to wait for a long time to get their vehicle back. ION finally makes it possible for detailers to complete a vehicle in a day, while providing customers with the same standards of protective effects.

ION sets new standards of quality

After curing every layer, ION will maintain a higher thickness than 9H, meaning that the anti-graffiti effect will now be achievable with only 2+1 layers. This will increase the productivity of a detailing shop, which will be able to grant exclusive protective effects in much less time than before. Moreover, car owners will be able to enjoy exclusive protective effects at a much affordable price than ever. 

While for many brands the purpose of releasing a new product it’s just to increase profits, KubeBond’s purpose it’s to provide a product that satisfies all of our customers. Thanks to faster multilayering than in the past, ION can rightfully claim the title of “next big thing” of the car maintenance industry.