What are the types and functions of car coatings?

What are the types and functions of car coatings?

Let KubeBond help you figure out what types of ceramic car coatings are available, and whether it makes sense to DIY or leave it to the professionals.

Common types and effects of ceramic car coatings

Generally, car coatings can be categorized into two groups:car body coating and glass coating.Car body coating provides easy-to-clean effects, while glass coating focuses on water repellency. KubeBond offers both types of product, since it uses Choose Nanotech’s advanced technology, making it more effective and durable than the competition.

KubeBond also manufactures interior and wheel frame coatings that endure high-temperature environments. Since leather and suede are delicate materials, it is important that KubeBond features a protective interior coating. Regardless of daily use, KubeBond protects the inside and outside of your car using exclusive technology.

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Applying a ceramic coating, DIY or Detailing shop?


Many car owners who want to apply car coatings must wonder if they can DIY car coatings themselves. KubeBond recommends you leave it to the professionals. The professional car detailing shop will definitely maintain your car in the best condition, and there will be no mistakes. KubeBond’s professional coating shop will completely protect your car from external factors.