Application time, duration, and maintenance time, you’ll find it all here!

Application time, duration, and maintenance time, you’ll find it all here!

Finding the right ceramic car coating is not an easy process, especially when there are so many brands. Based on years of experience, KubeBond provides you with information to help you understand when it will be safe to pick up your car, and how long the car coating will last. 


It is done in one day, so your day is not affected

KubeBond insists that customers should be able to enjoy their car. Therefore, with the help of the parent company, Choose Nanotech,  a high-performance coating is developed without having to cure it for extended periods.

With the assistance of an infrared curing lamp, the coating dries within half an hour, and the coating application time for the entire car can also be completed at about eight hours (depending on the car’s condition).

Aside from its fast application time, KubeBond has a higher wear resistance and durability than other brands.

Generally, traditional car coatings can only facilitate the cleaning process but KubeBond offers much more. KubeBond’s exclusive RBT, LCT, and CST technologies make it possible to provide real film thickness so that the entire car is protected. Chemically strengthened ceramic technology (CST) provides the coating on automobiles with unparalleled wear resistance that lasts for over 3 years.

  1. Exterior surfaces: In normal conditions, a car needs an outer surface that resists dirt and wear. Whilst your car is parked, contaminants such as bird droppings or tree fruits might stain the surface. Dust can also cause damage by creating fine lines that scratch the surface. After using KubeBond, not only can the dirt be prevented from contacting the surface, but also can receive a certain degree of hardness to resist friction. 
  2. Car interior: Leather seats with strong absorption are susceptible to accidental food stains or drink spills, which leave behind a bad odor and unattractive appearance. In this regard, KubeBond has also developed a corresponding coating for water-absorbing materials, which allows the interior to have water-repellent properties while also adding an antibacterial effect.

KubeBond, both efficient and long-lasting

In addition to its superior quality, KubeBond provides longer protection time. Most common generic coatings last about a year, however KubeBond’s protective coatings last up to 3 years, meaning your ride will remain smooth for many years.