Honda Motorcycle Coating Cases

Just like HONDA, KubeBond always aims to 120% quality

Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Its motorcycles are known for their aerodynamic bodywork, and advanced technology, that makes you feel like you are in a real GP race. Those who love to speed and carve on winding roads, might think of their Honda like an indestructible piece of engineering, however if not properly protected, they might soon be forced into an undesired pit stop. The continuous usage of brake and the consequent release of brake powder, might damage the brake calipers in a short time. Moreover, the paint, which is always exposed to the high temperature of the engine and exhaust, might start to wear off. Given that in a race teamwork is everything, who is the most reliable ally to ensure Honda’s continuous success?


Dreams can only be achieved when the effort goes above 100%. Just like the Japanese motorcycle brand, KubeBond is known for its reliable,high performance protective coatings. Thanks to the LCT technology our coatings can benefit from the numerous advantages of ceramic, like resistance to high temperatures, so that the paint of your Honda won’t sustain any damage. As our coatings provide complete protections, metal parts like exhaust, rims or calipers will develop a strong hydrophobic effect which makes it hard for water and dust to adhere on the surfaces. Lastly, just like Honda, KubeBond always aims to improve itself and reach 120% level of quality. Other than providing the above mentioned features, our products also offer improved hardness, and wear resistance. Just like in a race, where it is the whole team who makes the difference, KubeBond is the perfect teammate to ensure that Honda stays on the top for a long time.

Honda Motorcycle Coating Cases

RC 51、Gold Wing、VFR750F (RC36-2)、CBR900RR、Hawk GT NT650… and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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