Harley Motorcycle Coating Cases

Kubebond lets the “iron horse” ride a long way

Harley has been the symbol of freedom for more than a century. Its reputable engineering, trademark rumble, and masculine line made it possible for it to gain a cult-following. However, freedom comes with a cost, and if the road is not straight, the price to pay might be high; while riding, the hot asphalt might melt and stick on the chromed parts, rock chips might damage the paint, and sweat particles might penetrate the leather seat and make it moldy. When the lack of proper protection undermines freedom, who comes to help Harley


Just like Harley, KubeBond is a symbol of winning and the hard work it takes to get there. It is our hard-working attitude that made us gain the trust of Harley’s owners around the world. KubeBond’s ceramic coating products care for your motorcycle way before coating starts, with products designed to remove tar and other stubborn residual from your motorcycle. When it comes to the actual coating, KubeBond extends the protection beyond limits; with our products not only the paint develops a strong friction resistance, but also, thanks to the LCT technology chromed parts like exhaust and rims are provided with a thick ceramic layer, with resistance to rock chips and damaging objects. Our coatings also provide leather seats with a strong liquid repellent effect, which other than preventing stitching from dyeing, does not change the leather’s original touch feeling. KubeBond offers Harley the most effective protection on the market, so that the iron horse rumble can be heard far beyond the sunset.

Harley Motorcycle Coating cases

XL Sportster、XR-1000、FLHR Road King、KR750、VRSCA V-ROD… and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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