BMW Motorcycle Coating Cases

BMW’s versatility “makes life a ride”

“BMW motorcycles are rugged, absolutely bulletproof and will run forever”, is probably the sentence that convinced you to buy a BMW motorcycle in the first place. Even though BMW is renewed for its reliability, it doesn’t mean that it’s free from damages: acid rains, which are common in many areas of the world, might lead to deterioration and ultimately corrosion. Moreover, long exposure to UV might result in a change of color and deterioration for both paint and handlebar. How about the vital front windshield? How long will it take to reach your destination if every time it rains you have to stop because of the scarce visibility? Your BMW deserves KubeBond’s protective coatings from the beginning to the end.


BMW is known for its large lineup of motorcycles like urban, vintage, adventure and touring style, all wearing the iconic blue-and-white roundel on the gas tank. Just like BMW, KubeBond is known for its iconic KB logo, and lets your motorbike “wear” a complete permanent protection. On a rainy day the strong hydrophobic effect makes all the water slide down the surface almost immediately, effectively preventing acid rain to damage the paint, and watermarks to appear. KubeBond coatings are also proven effective against damages from long-time exposure to UV rays, with no change of color even after prolonged exposure. Finally, thanks to the unique RBT technology, KubeBond firmly adheres to the windshield, providing wear resistance, and better visibility. Let KubeBond slide through your life’s adventure.

BMW Motorcycle Coating Cases

HP2 Sport、BMW R90S、R1200GS、K1300R、K100RS…and many other models all make use of KubeBond professional coating experience.

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