Why KubeBond?

Car detailing is essential but if not done properly, overlooked details might turn into irreversible damage. A regular car wash may remove graffiti but leaves swirl marks, giving the car paint a dull appearance. No matter how often you clean the interior, the stubborn food stain can’t be removed. A dirty windshield accumulates dust and grease which decreases visibility.


                                                            It’s time to reconsider the meaning of maintenance once and forever!

We control our own production line here in Taiwan, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the product in every detail.

We own an R&D lab for continuous testing and improvement of our products.

We obtained several third parties official testing certificates that helped consolidate our name on the global stage.

What we provide is more than just a service. It is the KubeBond experience.

Benefits of join KubeBond

Our protective coatings make your life easier by providing complete protection to your car and motorcycle. Choosing our ceramic car coating products allows you to easily maintain the best condition inside and outside the car


INVESTMENT in money to optimize your service, and welcome the right customers in your detailing store.

FREE professional marketing support to ensure a continuous successful business.

FREE training courses, to teach you how to correctly apply KubeBond’s products.

Technical support, to solve all your issues and doubts about coating.

How can you join us? Answer these easy questions first.

  1. What is your experience with car detailing?
    • Tell us about your background, so that we can assist you better.
  2. Do you already own a detailing shop?
    • Show us pictures of how it looks, and if needed we can invest money to help you renew it.
  3. Do you plan to open a detailing shop?
    •  We can guide you on how to make it attractive.
  4. Do you plan to be an official KubeBond distributor?
    • We can guarantee the lowest distributor price on the market.
  5. What is your current marketing approach?
    • Show us your business social media pages, and we will offer you the most effective marketing direction.
  6. What kind of customer do you want to see in your store?
    • KubeBond aims at providing an experience other than just a service. The customer who enters a KB store values quality over cheap price. If you wish to only have this kind of customer in your