How to effectively wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

How to effectively wash my car after applying ceramic coating?

All the clean-freak car enthusiasts, frequent visitors of car washes, will eventually apply ceramic coating to their cars to avoid the swirl marks and spider webbing caused by too much washing. At first it might seem like that the problem is solved, but there is actually much more to consider. Although ceramic coating represents one of the best options for car protection, wrong washing methods might lead to damage of the surface, and loss of the protective properties that make coating great. Below we listed the most common methods of washing your car to clarify once for all which one you should choose to get the best results.


Don’t rush to that car wash!

“Great haste makes great waste” says the famous quote. Before even starting this topic it is worth mentioning that ceramic coating is basically a liquid composition that needs to fully solidify in order to display its multiple protective properties. After protective work it is imperative not to wash your car for 7 days as the coating is still in the process of curing. By washing and cleaning prematurely, you can significantly shorten the life and effectiveness of a ceramic coating.


DIY, professional car wash or automatic car wash…which one do I choose?

Now that you waited 7 long days without washing your car (and without going crazy), it’s finally time to go back to your routine maintenance. Although coatings are famous for their strong easy to clean properties, you will still have to wash your car regularly in order to keep it shiny. But what is exactly the most effective method to wash your car? Below we listed the most common ways to wash your car, from the most recommended to the one you should absolutely avoid.


1. Professional car wash service

If you spare no expense and only want the best for your car, this should be your first option as nowadays practically every car detailing shop offers professional car wash service. However, you should still choose carefully where you wash your car, as many detailing stores use low quality detergents of which acidic composition might compromise the effectiveness of ceramic coating. KubeBond inherits the high standards set by its mother company, CHOOSE NanoTech, to ensure the top of the quality for our customers. Not only are our authorized detailing shops staff regularly trained, but they also use the best products to wash your car, such as specific microfiber cloths designed not to damage the car paint, or the environmentally friendly low PH KB Shampoo with excellent degreasing properties.


2.  DIY car wash

As the saying goes” if you want a thing done right, do it yourself”, DIY washing represents a valid alternative for those who believe they are the only ones who can treat their loved one nicely. Make sure you first gain some knowledge on how to wash your car correctly, use the proper tools so that your car doesn’t get damaged and…have fun!


 3. Touchless automatic car wash

So you don’t want your car touched by anyone besides yourself, but yet you are too lazy to wash your car once a week? Well, that’s why touchless automatic car wash was created. Here only high-pressure water jets and detergents are used to remove dirt and other deposits. Automatic spinning brushes are not used, minimizing the risk of damage to the exterior paintwork of their vehicle. Unfortunately, a large part of automated car wash uses cheap detergent which is usually high in PH and can potentially damage the protective work. 


 4. Traditional automatic car wash

If you are passionate about cars you probably notice that this kind of service is slowly disappearing from the market. The automatic spinning brushes are widely regarded as the main culprit for swirl marks on your car paint, they can compromise the effectiveness of the coating, and greatly reduce its lifespan. On top of that, the detergent used for those automated car washes is usually of low quality, which together with the automatic spinning brushes represent a lethal mix for the ceramic coating on your car’s paint. 


Final thoughts

So what is the best option to safely wash your car without damaging the effectiveness and lifespan of ceramic coating? To put it simply, think of car wash as a vital part of maintaining your car: would you rather use DIY protective products (like wax for instance) and get dubious results, or have your car treated by professionals with high quality ceramic coating products? KubeBond makes sure that every aspect of car protection is taken care of in the most professional way, so that automotive ceramic coating is not only a service anymore, but an experience.