What is the reason behind KubeBond ceramic coating success?

What is the reason behind KubeBond ceramic coating success?

From local producer, to international champion

Since its foundation more than 10 years ago, KubeBond was able to rise from a small local producer, to an international brand that expands its branches in more than 90 countries. Kubebond first started expanding to nearby Asian countries, and was able to successfully break through some very competitive markets. One example is represented by Malaysia, which now counts more than 15 KubeBond stores around the country. Another example is Japan, where a successful partnership with the Subaru STI team granted KubeBond a name in the very competitive local market. Throughout the years, we were able to expand in South Asia to countries like Pakistan, where now KubeBond is one of the most famous names in the car detailing market. 

Facts speak better than words

What’s the secret behind KubeBond global success? CHOOSE NanoTech, KubeBond’s mother company, built up a production line in the heart of Taiwan, which allowed us to fully control the production process, and guarantee a quality product to our customers. Moreover, our in-house R&D lab, allowed us to be ahead of the competition, by improving our products, and creating new ones. Finally, the recognition of our technologies from third parties organizations like SGS, served as an additional proof of our brand value. The above are only few of the reasons why so many customers around the world choose KubeBond to protect their vehicles.

Always on the top of the market

Nowadays, in such a competitive market, KubeBond keeps working in order to retain its success on the car detailing market. Our  professional team produces creative marketing content that attracts more audience, and bring us new customers on a daily basis. Moreover,  our detailers keep improving the quality of their services, and offer exclusive tools to ensure the quality of a coating work. Finally, the releasing of our new ION offers the kind of breakthrough innovation that the whole car protection market was waiting for.