The “side effects” of applying KubeBond coating

The “side effects” of applying KubeBond coating

The “side effects” of applying KubeBond coating

There is a big variety of  coating on the market, including resin coating, fluorine coating, fiberglass coating, quartz coating, etc. Currently most of the stores don’t use resin coating and fluorine coating. Due to the presence of inorganic materials in its composition, Quartz coating has excellent wear and weather resistance, and water repellency. However, it requires a high temperature in order to be fully cured. Coatings containing silica material are easily affected by acid rains, which causes their quick fading from the surface. That’s why they need proper care and maintenance in order to maintain their protective effects. The main element used in fiberglass coating is Si-O, which has both organic and inorganic features. Si-O provides the coating with high temperature resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, and high water repellency. Due to various practical advantages, fiberglass coating has started the “High-performance war era” in the field of automotive coating. KubeBond is the pioneer of this particular technology, which allowed us to increase the hardness of coating to a 9H standard. However, KubeBond coating do not make magics, and require maintenance in order to function properly. Below we listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of KubeBond coating.

Advantage 1: Multiple protective effects

Our technologies have always been the reason behind our success; The Chemically Strengthened Technology (CST) increases four times the density of the coating surface, thanks to the replacement of smaller IONs with bigger IONs. This provides our new exclusive ION with qualities like abrasion resistance, improved stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and UV  resistance.
Moreover, the Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT) provides our coating with some of the advantages of the ceramics in our daily life, such as high temperature resistance, and easy-to clean properties.

Disadvantage 1: Require professional knowledge

High-performance ceramic coating requires a professionally trained detailer in order to be applied correctly. KubeBond cares about the protective effect and quality of its products. Therefore, we recommend that the coating process on your vehicle is executed by professionals, to achieve the best and long lasting effects.

Advantage 2: Time saving and durable

KubeBond ceramic coatings increased water repellency, saves you maintenance time, and improves the appearance of your vehicle by keeping it clean and shiny for longer. Moreover, the excellent water contact angle properties of our coating make droplets quickly slide off the surface, providing you with good visibility, even on rainy days. It is thanks to KubeBond’s unique Revolutionary Bonding Technology (RBT) technology, that our coatings are able to bond on dense surfaces like glass, providing a permanent protective layer.

Disadvantage 2: Frequent maintenance

Although KubeBond car coating improves protection, your vehicle will still require regular maintenance from one of our professional centers, in order to maintain its durability. Moreover, frequent DIY maintenance is also required to avoid common coating issues, such as the formation of waterspots on the surface of the coating. However, if you want to provide your vehicle with a more effective protection against waterspots, we suggest to apply our new, exclusive ION. It improves the resistance to strong detergent and solvents, so that you can treat the waterspots in a more effective way.

Advantage 3: Increased thickness

Thickness can reduce the impact of abrasion on the car paint, caused by small debris and sand. Moreover, it the coating thickness is not enough, the car paint will be easily affected by etching from dirty water, or bird dropping. KubeBond is the first car coating brand that defined the thickness standard of the car detailing industry 10 years ago, by releasing it’s revolutionary 9H.

Disadvantage 3: More expensive process

As we all know, high-performance coating needs to be applied by multilayering in order to achieve a proper level of thickness and protection. This results in a minimum of two days of work for a vehicle in order to be completed, and delivered back to a customer. However, KubeBond’s new exclusive, ION, solves this problem by doubling the thickness of every layer. Thanks to it, the most basic package of ION will feel like the best package of 9H!

Final thoughts

KubeBond coatings don’t do magics, and we encourage you to take good care of the protective layer on your vehicle. Take your car regularly to one of our professional centers for a regular “health check”, as well as to restore the hydrophobic effect. Moreover, remember to do regular DIY maintenance, by regularly washing your vehicle, and not leaving it exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Our exclusive ION has recently been released on the market, with the goal of providing your vehicle more durabilty, and reduce the maintenance time. Its improved thickness grants it more effectiveness than 9H, with less working days required to complete a vehicle. Moreover its Base layer increased surface density, provides more resistance to staining and etching from waterspots and bird droppings. Finally, the revolutionary 3D spiked structure of its Top layer, provides a more durable hydrophobic effect, even after using strong detergent or solvents for maintenance.