CHOOSE saves you 50% of cleaning time

CHOOSE saves you 50% of cleaning time


How great would it be if items could clean themselves? CHOOSE has turned this imagination into reality. We develop easy-to-clean coatings that enable outdoor equipment such as solar panels and reflectors to have self-cleaning capabilities. Through special coating treatment, the surface acquires unique physical properties such as non-stick, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and smooth, just like the surface of a lotus leaf. In this way, whenever it rains heavily, water droplets will form and slide off the surface, taking away the previously accumulated dirt.

Get Rid of Annoying Stains by Proper Protection


The crumbs and dust stuck in corners, and the sticky stains in cracks always take a lot of time and cost to clean. But after cleaning, the surface might be damaged. Why are objects so hard to clean and so susceptible to oil and grease? That’s because the surface of the object is actually rough. If you zoom in to observe, you see uneven holes on the surface, and these holes are what make dirt adhere. What can we do for our customers to achieve easy cleaning, or even a self-cleaning effect? This is the question that CHOOSE has always been thinking about.

CHOOSE Professional R&D Team Helps Customers Save Cleaning Costs

CHOOSE has invested a great deal of effort over the past decade in developing surface protection coatings that are crystal clear, and do not change the look and touch feeling of the object. They seal the object’s surface tightly with high-density nano molecules and prevent dust from adhering to it. The coatings have been introduced to hundreds of countries and have been well-received by customers. They solve many consumers’ troubles and worries in maintaining their cherished items.


An Easier Cleaning Option for the Operations Team of a Well-Known Hot Spring


CHOOSE easy-to-clean coatings are mainly applied to stone, such as the marble material in Dongteng Bathhouse in Beitou. Before the coating treatment, the management committee had a lot of trouble cleaning the marble caused by the residents who used essential oils and lotions in the bath house. If they didn’t get treated it immediately after dripping on the marble, they would leave marks on the stone. These marks could not be removed by normal cleaning methods and had to be handled by a professional cleaning company. This is not only costly but also time-consuming and laborious.

Our team applied coating protection to the whole bathhouse stone, completely sealing the stone surface. The coating is ultra-thin and will not damage the overall texture of the bathhouse. It has excellent resistance to acid and will not be decomposed by the acids in the hot spring, allowing the protection to last for a long time.

Three months after the coating treatment, we interviewed the management committee. They told us that our coating service was extremely helpful. It usually took their cleaning team more than 30 minutes to clean the bathhouse after the service. Now it only takes 15 minutes to finish the work. They are very satisfied with our service.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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