CHOOSE has the best coating in the industry as well as the highest environmental safety certification

CHOOSE has the best coating in the industry as well as the highest environmental safety certification


CHOOSE NanoTech has three brands under its name:DuralBond, KubeBond, and CeraLiv. We have successfully applied our unique RBT, LCT, and CSTtechnologies in various fields to create high-performance ceramic coatings with high hardness, high transparency, high anti-friction, and ultra-thin properties. Our coatings enable substrates to maintain excellent, durable resistance to stains, water, and oil while resisting high temperatures, corrosion, and bacteria. CHOOSE aims to keep your precious products in their best condition, save you the cost of frequent maintenance, and make environmental protection a new indicator in the coating industry.


We Always Give Top Priority to Environmental Protection


As a member of this planet, CHOOSE NanoTech has never put environmental concerns aside. Since its inception, the founder has taken environmental protection very seriously. In developing exclusive technologies to provide coatings with top protection, he emphasizes the need to be mindful of environmental protection. He requires that all products must pass the world’s most stringent safety standard, the EU’s REACH compliance testing, to confirm safety and non-toxicity before they hit the shelves. As a result, our coatings have the strongest and the most durable protective effect in the industry and are approved to the most stringent environmental standards.

Environmental Sustainability Is Important Both on Land and in the Ocean


CHOOSE NanoTech’s products are EU REACH compliant and have passed the SGS heavy metal test. We are also one of the few companies in Taiwan to have been verified by IMO (International Maritime Organization), an international impartial third-party, that our products are environmentally compatible. The antifouling coating that we use to protect the bottom of the boat will not release toxic chemicals at sea as traditional antifouling paints do. Besides, it has the added advantage of reducing drag. Our goal is to develop the most environmentally friendly antifouling coatings that protect the ship bottom, save fuel, and protect the marine environment at the same time.

Environmental Protection Is about Sustainability and Resource Conservation


Sustainability and resource conservation are two important indicators for achieving environmental protection. Since CHOOSE was founded, sustainability has always been our primary concern. That’s why we require our products to pass major safety certifications to prove their safety and nontoxicity. In addition, we are also very conscious of resource conservation. The highly transparent protective layer formed by the coating reduces cleaning and allows you to achieve better cleaning results more easily. One of the most famous cases is the Hsuehshan Tunnel. With the protection of CHOOSE’s coating, maintenance of the Tunnel is made easier with less frequent cleaning and longer repainting intervals.

Protected by CHOOSE, Hsuehshan Tunnel Is as New as When It Was First Built


The Hsuehshan Tunnel, always jammed during holidays, is a must-go route to Yilan. Nearly 40,000 vehicles pass through the tunnel every day. The temperature inside the tunnel reaches 40~45 degrees Celsius all year round. In addition, the local climate keeps the humidity level high. The high temperature and high humidity combined with the special structural environment of the tunnel make the tunnel walls constantly covered with all kinds of dirt. And it is very difficult to remove. The government spends a lot of time and money cleaning the tunnels every year. However, even after intense cleaning, the paint would still peel off. But after CHOOSE’s coating treatment, the hard-to-remove dirt is kept out of the protective layer. Applying our coatings not only saves labor and government budgets but also reduces detergent and water use. It achieves the effect of protecting valuable water resources while reducing environmental damage.

Make the Earth a Better Place with CHOOSE NanoTech


CHOOSE has received international safety certifications such as REACH and IMO and has been helping to conserve a variety of limited resources. As we continue to provide coating protection in all fields, we are also striving to protect the Earth, the home we all share.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.


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