KUBEBOND High Performance Car Body PPF

Like an armor for the car paint, KubeBond's PPF offers the highest level of protection


KubeBond’s Ceramic Coated paint protection film (PPF) is a high-performance protective film specially used to protect the car paint. It maintains the same characteristics of KubeBond ceramic coatings with a thicker layer of protection, which prevent damages to the car paint such as flying rock chips. In addition to the protective effect, it is also anti yellowing, and it can increase the brightness of the paint, so that your car looks like new all the time.

High levels of protection with some negative points

KubeBond has been committed to the protection of the car body surface for a long time. We believe that most of the surface protection can be obtained through coating. However, we also believe that PPF is the only solution to more serious damages, such as flying rock chips.

However, PPF needs to be changed every 3-5 years, and due to its high bonding capacity the surface of the paint might get damaged during the changing process.

Our multiple years of research and tests on the car paint led to the creation of the best combination  for paint protection, by combining Diamond 9H and Ceramic Coated PPF.

High gloss finish

No orange peel effect or glue marks

Resistant to chemical damage

Strong hydrophobicity against oil spots

Resistant to high temperature exposure

Why Diamond 9H + PPF?

By combining Diamond 9H and Ceramic Coated PPF it’s possible to provide the surface with the best protection. Applying Diamond 9H first will provide hardness to the surface, while Ceramic Coated PPF will provide protection against more serious damages such as flying rock chips. Diamond 9H also allows PPF to be applied more easily, and will not damage the paint during the removing process.

See more PPF applications

KubeBond’s Ceramic Coated PPF is a high performance protective film designed and developed by parent company CHOOSE NanoTech. With strong hydrophobic effect and non yellowing properties, it was originally developed for automobiles, but due to its multiple benefits it can also be applied to different industries.

PPF windshield

Anti rock chip windshield PPF

PPF headlight

 Headlight PPF


Matte PPF

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