High protective effect for rims and metal parts

By using KubeBond's exclusive rim coating, you can eliminate hard to remove brake dust

When driving, the wheels and brake calipers are exposed to high temperatures from 300 to 400 degrees, causing various protective coatings to fail to adhere properly.

KubeBond uses the technology and experience of the parent company CHOOSE NanoTech to create a special coating for rims and calipers, providing a contaminant resistant coating and maintaining a brand new appearance.

Once the high temperature dust adheres to the brakes, it is difficult to remove it!

When we go to the car wash, there will definitely be a rim washing service, but do you know what’s used for cleaning? Car paint is usually cleaned with a neutral detergent, but the rim is different. It is necessary to use acidic detergent in order to corrode dirt on the rim, but it must be quickly washed off, since if it is left on too long, it will damage the surface. As a result, it has become important to reduce rim cleaning intensity and frequency.


Use KubeBond's coating to effectively protect the rims

KubeBond uses the exclusive RBT technology developed by the parent company CHOOSE NanoTech to make the coating withstand high temperatures of the wheels and brake caliper. Its 10 features allow reduction of the damage caused by cleaning the rims and brake caliper, decrease the cleaning frequency, and complete protection of wheels.


KubeBond sets the standard for automotive coatings and protects brake calipers unlike anything else

KubeBond leads the industry by creating a unique rim and brake caliper coating, which not only protects the paint and glass, but also protects the interior, so that the entire car is subject to KubeBond’s all-round protection.


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