KubeBond’s windshield protective coating increases the safety behind wheels

When it rains, the chances of car accidents are higher. In addition to slippery roads, poor vision is the main cause of accidents. KubeBond uses exclusive RBT technology to firmly adhere to the slippery glass surface, and uses LCT technology to build a hyper hydrophobic layer on the surface, allowing rainwater to easily slide down with the movement of the vehicle.


KubeBond’s windshield protective coating optimizes driving sight.

When it rains, a “water curtain” is formed on the windshield, blocking the driving sight. Then, the wipers open and close the “water curtain” and obstruct the line of sight. Since water doesn’t just roll off the windshield, excessive rubbing by the wipers damages the windshield over time.

The high water repellency of KubeBond windshield coating guarantees driving safety

A protective coating for automotive glass has been developed by KubeBond using technology and experience inherited from its parent company, CHOOSE Nanotech. The glass ceramic coating is super hydrophobic, reduces dirt retention and optimizes driving sight due to its firm bond with the glass surface.


KubeBond's high water repellency glass and mirror coating ensures driving safety

KubeBond inherited the technology and experience from the parent company CHOOSE NanoTech, to develop an exclusive coating for automotive glass and mirrors. The exclusive LCT technology allows the formation of a highly transparent ceramic coating layer to prevent all kinds of dirt from adhering to the surface. The CST technology strengthens the ceramic coating, making the coating and glass less likely to be abraded and scratched. RBT technology allows the coating to have strong adhesion to the glass surface. Through the combination of three key technologies, a unique and strong coating is created.


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